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About Golden Glow Event


Safely deliver excellent events to corporate and government clients around the Middle East and Expand Golden Glow Event worldwide while promoting and expanding our scope of management. Maintain growth with the collaboration and the effort of all the members of the team and with the support of our clients.


To be the leading Event Management company of developing professional, creative, entertaining and innovative events standards across the Middle East.


  1. Brief : First, we listen. We understand your needs and what you aspire for.
  2. Creative: We generate ideas, develop and discuss them with your requirements in mind.
  3. Plan: We present a detailed and illustrated proposal with a fully itemised budget.
  4. Delivery: We deliver the plan. We operate to best practise standards and deliver quality products and services.
  5. Follow up: We debrief together which enables us to assess and evaluate, making sure we have reached your expectations.
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Our team is developed in 4 main categories to develop and drive your project to success !

  1. The Project Managers: The project manager is the person you will be communicating with about all aspects of your upcoming event.From decor, entertainment, designs, logistics and paperwork, this person will be your point of contact for everything and anything you need. From the conception to the delivery of your event.Available at ( almost ) all time every step of your project will be communicated to your team.
  2. The Event Planners: Our event planners are here to coordinate with our project manager and participate to the well being of all operations. Efficient and delighted to provide fast responsiveness  they are also making sure to respect your budget and time frame.
  3. The Certified Entertainers: They are making your event successful by bringing their energy, motivate your team and boost your audience.
  4. Logistic Crew: They are working in our shadow while nobody is here, installing, producing, creating, dismantling loading and bringing their workforce to the success of a powerful event decor, sound and lighting they are the pillar of each and every event.

We plan successful Events !